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Listings of Global Health News

arrow Aging

red ball Caring for an Older Adult with Cancer Comes with Emotional Challenges for Caregivers
red ball Hazelnuts Improve Older Adults' Micronutrient Levels
red ball Study: Combined Exercise and Nutritional Intervention May Improve Muscle Mass and Function
red ball
Impact of Aging on Brain Connections Mapped in Major Scan Study
red ball
Staying Socially Active Can Slow Decline in Older Adults' Ability to Function
red ball
Health Goes Downhill When Older Adults Stop Driving
red ball
Should Doctors Cut Back on Some Medicines in Seniors?
red ball
Physically Active Middle-aged Adults Have Low Risk of Sudden Cardiac Arrest
red ball
Experts Recommend Intermediate Physical Activity Goals, Especially for Older Adults
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DNA Clock Helps to Get Measure of People's Lifespans
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NIH Study Offers Insight into Why Cancer Incidence Increases with Age

Food Helps Older Generation Age Successfully

arrow Circulation

Preventing Blood Clots and Varicose Veins
Preventing Blood Clots With A New Metric for Heart Function
Detecting Levels of Antibiotics in Blood Paves the Way to Individualized Treatment
New Imaging Technique Can Diagnose Common Heart Condition

arrow Diseases

Annual Report to the Nation: Cancer Death Rates Continue to Decline

NIH Clinical Trial of Investigational Vaccine for COVID-19 Begins
The Best Protection Against Measles: Vaccination
Millions of Cardiovascular Deaths Attributed to Not Eating Enough Fruits and Vegetables

Why Is Measles a Big Deal?
FDA: Adding Folic Acid to Corn Masa Flour May Prevent Birth Defects
Focus on Alzheimer’s Disease Shifts to Prevention
Benefits of Physical Activity May Outweigh Impact of Obesity on
This Heart Month, Know the Foods That Protect Against Cardiovascular Disease
Acupuncture Boosts Effectiveness of Standard Medical Care for Chronic Pain and Depression
Keeping the Beat – Addressing the Health Challenges of Heart Disease
A Natural Compound Can Block the Formation of Toxins Associated with Parkinson's Disease
Cartilage Protein May Contribute to the Development of Breast Cancer
Researchers Open the Way to New Treatments for Chronic Pain & Cancer
New Method for Better Treatment of Breast Cancer
Researchers Shed Light on Potential Shield from Alzheimer's
Observing Brain Network Dynamics to Diagnose Alzheimer's Disease
Compound in Magnolia May Combat Head and Neck Cancers
Successfully Managing Fatigue in People with Multiple Sclerosis
The Hidden Burden of Dengue Fever in West Africa
Five Things You Need to Know About Colorectal Cancer
Research Shows Asian Herb Holds Promise as Treatment for Ebola Virus Disease
Ebola: New Studies Model a Deadly Epidemic
Children Who Get Vitamin A May Be Less Likely to Develop Malaria
Reduce the Risk of Coronary Heart Disease
How Malaria-spreading Mosquitoes Can Tell You're Home
Non-communicable Diseases Prematurely Take 16 Million Lives Annually
Research Suggests Anti-inflammatory Protein May Trigger Plaque in Alzheimer's Disease
Should Hospitals Keep Cardiac Catheterization Labs Open on Weekends?
Study Tests Drug Against Parkinson's Disease
An Easier, Safer, and More Accurate Treatment for Pancreatic Cancer

arrow Eating

Signs, Symptoms, and Risk Factors of Eating Disorder
Eating the Placenta: Trendy But No Proven Health Benefits and Unknown Risks
Game Day Nutrition Tips
Keep Food in the Safety Zone During the Super Bowl
Child Obesity: Cues and Don'ts
Study Provides Surprising New Clue to the Roots of Hunger

arrow Food

Fatty Foods Necessary for Vitamin E Absorption, but Not Right Away

How Dietary Fiber Helps the Intestines Maintain Health
Seafood Poisoning Bug Thwarts a Key Host Defense by Attacking the Cell’s Cytoskeleton
Low Salt Diets Not Beneficial: Global Study Finds
Kitchen Utensils Can Spread Bacteria Among Foods, UGA Study Finds
Consumption of Peanuts with a Meal Benefits Vascular Health
An Apple a Day Won't Keep the Doctor Away
Food Safety Specialist Hopes New Tracking Strategy Will Lead to Better Intervention
Compound Found in Grapes, Peanuts May Help Prevent Memory Loss
Food Allergy Nearly Doubles Among Black Children
A New Study Reveals the Nutrition, Cost and Safety Benefits of Canned Foods
Better Broccoli, Enhanced Anti-Cancer Benefits with Longer Shelf Life
Vegetables Can Make You Look Like a Hero, and a Better Cook

arrow General Health

Caring for Concussions
Stressed At Work and Trouble Sleeping? It's More Serious Than You Think

Our Genes Affect Where Fat Is Stored in Our Bodies
How to Manage Multiple Health Conditions
Fighting Obesity – Could It Be as Plain as Dirt?
Gut Check: A Molecule That Balances the Immune System in the Gut
Caring for the Caregiver
Study: Toxic Metals Found in E-cigarette Liquids
Rediscovering a Culture of Health
One-minute Test Predicts How Well a Patient May Recover After an Operation
Strength vs. Endurance: Does Exercise Type Matter in the Fight Against Obesity?
How Drinking Behavior Changes Through the Years
'Simple Living' Reaps Health and Financial Benefits, according to USciences Research
Study: Even with Copayments for Non-urgent Care, Medicaid Patients Still Rely on ERs
Why all-nighters don't work: How sleep and memory go hand-in-hand
Family Voices and Stories Speed Coma Recovery
The Negative Effects of Sitting Time on Health
Couples more likely to get healthy together
Could our brain instruct our bodies to burn more fat?
Walking May Help Protect Kidney Patients Against Heart Disease and Infections

Hop Leaves --Discarded in Beer Brewing -- Have Substances That Could Fight Dental Diseases

March is Malignant Hyperthermia Awareness and Training Month
Exercise May Slow Progression of Retinal Degeneration
How Bacteria Communicate with Us to Build a Special Relationship
Kidney Failure Risk for Organ Donors 'Extremely Low'
Spinal Cord Injury: As Many As 500 000 People Suffer Each Year
Sleep Apnea Common Among Stroke-Related Brainstem Injuries

arrow Kids

Vitamin D May Protect Against Pollution-Associated Asthma Symptoms in Obese Children

How Very Low Birth Weight Affects Brain Development
Experts Urge Action to Cut Child Deaths from Deadly Lung Virus
Antibiotics Could Be Alternative to Surgery as Treatment for Appendicitis
Intervention Reduces Rates of Overweight Tots by Half
Inherited Gene Variations Tied to Treatment-Related Hearing Loss in Young Cancer Patients
High Sugar Consumption Among Children Relates to Poor Family Functioning
Is Dietary Supplementation Appropriate for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder?
Research Shows that Simple Treatments Can Help Save the Lives of Babies Who Lack Access to Hospital Care
Infants Create New Knowledge While Sleeping
Good Bedtime Habits Equal Better Sleep for Kids
Pneumonia Still Responsible for One Fifth of Child Deaths

arrow Medicine

New Blood Thinner Better at Preventing Recurrent Blood Clots Than Aspirin

Antibodies Identified That Thwart Zika Virus Infection
Fighting Life-threatening Bacteria Without Antibiotics
Few Commercial Weight-loss Programs Show Evidence of Effectiveness, Johns Hopkins reports
No More Insulin Injections?
Common Signatures Predict Flu Vaccine Responses in Young and Elderly
New Drug May Protect Against Deadly Effects of Nuclear Radiation 24 Hours After Exposure

arrow Men Health

Review Finds Fathers' Age, Lifestyle Associated With Birth Defects

Selenium and Vitamin E Supplements Can Increase Risk of Prostate Cancer in Some Men
Selenium and Vitamin E Supplementation Over Recommended Dietary Intake May Raise PC Risk

arrow Natural Living

Cosmetic Treatment Can Open the Door to Bacteria

arrow Women Health

Stress Reduction May Reduce Fasting Glucose in Overweight and Obese Women

Hot Flashes at Younger Age May Signal Greater Cardiovascular Risk
Women Don't Get to Hospital Fast Enough During Heart Attack
Mothers Can Pass Traits to Offspring Through Bacteria's DNA
Blood Clot Risk Remains Higher Than Normal After Women Deliver Babies
New Sugar-test to Reduce False-positive Cancer Diagnoses
Women Fare Worse Than Men Following Stroke
Promising Cervical Cancer Study

arrow World Health

World Health Experts Assess Global Risk of Deadly China Virus

One in 10 Globally Suffer from Foodborne Diseases, WHO Study Finds
Maternal Health in India Much Worse Than Previously Thought
WHO's Cholera Vaccine Campaign in South Sudan
WHO: Pakistan Polio Strain In Syria
Internally Displaced People in South Sudan Are at Great Risk of Disease Outbreaks
Over 23 Million Children To Be Vaccinated in Mass Polio Immunization Campaign Across Middle East
WHO Delivers More Than 125 Tons of Medical Supplies in Aleppo, Syria
World Malaria Report 2013
UN: Global child deaths down

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